Why We’re Building A Free Audiobook Platform

December 23, 2023
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Why We’re Building A Free Audiobook Platform

In today’s digital world, where so much information is consumed through laptops and phones, it’s always a relief to have a moment away from a screen.

The massive growth in popularity of audiobooks in recent years mirrors this sentiment, specifically because they blend the convenience and endless variety available online with the much-needed break that comes from unplugging and opening up a good book.

Unfortunately on current audiobook platforms, it isn’t as easy as finding an interesting read and giving it a listen. Pricy subscriptions, premium-costing books, and geo-locked catalogues all hold back current platforms to differing degrees.

That’s why we started Kalliope, an audiobook platform that’s entirely free without sacrificing quality, selection, or experience.

A Library for All

Bringing books into the digital age should make them more accessible, not less. No one should be kept from forming a deeper connection with literature because of a paywall. That’s why every book in Kalliope’s catalog is entirely free, available in high-fidelity audio, and shareable with friends.

We’re committed to making audiobooks easily available regardless of a person’s age, financial status, or tech literacy. That all starts with building an engaging, quality platform that acts like a library, not a storefront.

Experience is Everything

Making our platform free doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. We’re building Kalliope from the ground up to meet (and hopefully exceed) current audiobook listeners’ expectations of what a platform should be and what it can do.

That means every listen, every browse through an author’s work, and every deep-dive into a new genre is just as intuitive as ever. All alongside a myriad of new and exciting features that will take the audiobook listening and discovery experience to a new level.

More on that coming soon!

Free Never Sounded So Good

For an audiobook platform, what you hear is even more important than what you see. Free audiobooks doesn’t have to mean cheap, less-than-stellar-sounding narration.

The use of AI-powered audio technology has allowed us to create life-like, captivating narration and high-fidelity sound for all of our books across the platform.

A premium listening experience is a requirement at Kalliope and something we’re ensuring is included with every book.

The Next Page of Our Story

We’re building an audiobook platform that’s more than just a storefront or audio file player — that brings the library experience into the digital age with new ways to engage with, share, and discover all-time favorite books, all for free.

This is an ambitious goal, and plenty of challenges lie ahead. But we’re staying the course, and we hope you’ll come along with us on the journey.

Get Involved

So, tell us, what do you hope the future of listening to audiobooks looks like? We’d love to know.

If you’d like to learn more or want to be first in line when Kalliope launches, sign up for our beta and follow us on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you for the time — happy reading and talk to you all again soon!

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